ADOLESCENT counseling

Common topics I treat with adolescents include a combination of the following:



Suicidal Ideation

Self- Harm

Strengthen Family Relationship

Conflict Skills 



Managing Social Media

Eating Disorder

Body Image

Self Esteem

Assertiveness Training

Healthy Coping Skills

Academic Challenges

Navigating Difficult Friendships

Societal Pressures

Preparing for Adulthood

A further look into adolescent therapy

Growing up can be messy, confusing and frustrating. The stage of development between adolescence and adulthood involves swift and profound changes within the human body and mind, and the goal of developing into a mature and healthy adult can feel nearly impossible. Alongside societal pressures to have it “all figured out,” to be successful in early life, to choose a clearly defined adult path, all while avoiding blunders and missteps, adolescents can struggle with unique challenges.


Through therapy, I will offer a safe yet exploratory space for adolescents to navigate this overwhelming stage of life. A place where we can explore the challenges of relationship with family and friends, school, pressures associated with social media, body image, self esteem, balance and trying to meet expectations seamlessly. A place where we can process the emotions that come up during this complicated stage, which can include depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, self- harm, feelings of rejection, inadequacy and hopelessness. In turn, we will find healthy coping mechanisms to regulate these feelings. It is also here that adolescents can explore their individuality and relationships. A place for them to process curiosities, and ponder choices they are making.


Finally, therapy together can offer a space where both parent and adolescent can learn more about their relationship through family therapy. It is here that we work through conflict resolution, challenges and understanding, so to set the stage for a successful, healthy and thriving relationship ahead.