individual counseling

Common topics I treat with individuals include a combination of the following:



Eating Disorders



Trauma and PTSD



Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Suicidal Ideation


Domestic Abuse

Anger Management

Self Esteem

Career Counseling

Navigating Sexuality

Coping Skills

Assertiveness Training

A further look into individual therapy

The human experience can include some of the most joyous moments, though has the ability to include the deepest of pains. At some point in life, most will deal with some of the more difficult elements of humanity. As a result, one may find themselves turning to repetitive, unhealthy behaviors or avoiding processing pain altogether, so to attempt at coping with difficulties, overwhelming emotions, complex relationships and challenging situations. This can conclude in avoidance, perceivably pressing reset, and being greeted by the same unresolved challenge, only wearing a different mask. It is also common for an individual to feel they have “too many issues to count,” leaving them exasperated, unsure where to even begin, and fearful of the possibility that “this is as good as it gets.” I help make sense of these seemingly unconnected challenges, by organizing and identifying themes at play. As a clinical therapist, I am prepared to help you cultivate awareness of the patterns that are causing difficulties in your life, how those patterns, attachment and ways of being were originally developed in early life, and understand how the patterns have impacted your life today and led you to your current place of dissatisfaction. Furthermore, I provide a place to heal, grow, and create new ways of thinking, processing and coping, so that you can connect your reality to your ideal vision of life.