Common topics I treat with couples include a combination of the following:

Infidelity and Betrayal

Trust Issues

Strengthen or Rediscover Intimacy

Feeling “stuck” or “in a rut”

Improve Communication

Increase Conflict Resolution

Balance Demanding Work/Life Schedules

Explore the next steps (marriage, children, etc.)

Navigate challenging extended family

Determine Compatibility

Couples, Premarital and Marital Counseling 

A further look into couples therapy

Life has a way of putting relationships to the test, challenging their strengths and weaknesses in ways never thought possible. And while the concept of relationship can enhance quality of life significantly, it can also be the most complex dynamic we navigate. Similarly to an individual’s journey and any other life form in existence, relationships evolve through phases of development as life continues to present new dimensions. With this said, it is of ultimate necessity to understand what helps make the relationship function in a prospering and thriving manner, so to welcome the natural progression of life. Together, we will navigate pain, turmoil and conflict so that couples can connect deeper, understand each other better, and grow together.